Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our Second Home Visit

For those of you who may not be familiar with the adoption process, in most cases the adoptive parents are required to have follow-up visits with their Social Worker before the adoption can be finalized. In our case we are required to have four home visits because Grayson was adopted from New Jersey. The first one was conducted in the first month he was with us and then the other three are two months apart. Today was our second home visit and it went great. Grayson was a little grumpy because we had to wake him from his nap, but he still talked and smiled throughout the meeting. Candace has been our Social Worker from the beginning, including our home study process, and I'm going to try to take a picture of her with Grayson during each visit. I think those pictures will be great to include in Grayson's lifebook. Here's the picture from today.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Three Months Old Today

Grayson turned three months old today! Shortly after he awoke this morning, it was time for a photo shoot. I went through his clothes until I found some I thought would be good for pictures, took a few shots, and then changed him into the next outfit. It went okay for a while, until he got a little frustrated. But, at least I got some great photos out of it. Here are a few and the rest are in his photo album.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lots of Firsts to Celebrate!

This weekend brought us a few firsts - Grayson slept through the night, he survived his first babysitting experience (and so did Dominic and I), he saw his first major snow storm, and he is holding his head up 45 degrees, at least, while he's on his stomach.

Friday night was amazing! Grayson slept from 9:00 pm to 5:30 am. It was just wonderful. We're so close to a full night of no interruptions. Of course he hasn't done it since, but he's only getting up once at night, usually around 3:30, so I can't complain. We're almost there!!

Dominic and I then went out Saturday night and let Grayson stay home with our niece, Britnee, who babysat him from around 4:30 to after midnight that night. He did very well, only a few crying fits, and she was even able to get him to sleep at his usual bedtime. We were a little worried that our night outing may be canceled because we were showered with snow, but the road crews did an awesome job at keeping the roads clear, so we were able to enjoy ourselves. It was a much needed night for me - the longest I had been away from Grayson - and Dominic handled that 3:00 am feeding. It snowed a little more on Sunday, but really wasn't that bad. I think we have about a foot of snow outside. Although he can't enjoy it, I'm still counting it as Grayson's first snow storm.

The final first for the weekend - lifting up that head. Dominic and I have always been amazed at how strong Grayson has been since we first met him, but he definitely demonstrated that this weekend. Every time he's on his stomach he lifts up his head and looks around. He's so alert and aware of what's going on around him. It's just so cool!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Go Steelers!

Yesterday Grayson got to experience his first Super Bowl party. Dominic is a big Steelers fan, so Grayson and I got all dressed up for Daddy. We went over to a friend's house for a party and Grayson did very well. A lot of my friends met him for the first time and were surprised at how "well-behaved" he is. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of the game (the Steelers won, in case you live under a rock), he didn't really get to sleep much because of the crowd's screams. I thought that would mean he would sleep a little longer last night - I was wrong. But, today he seems to be making up for it as he takes his nap and giving me a much needed break!!

Not a very good picture of me, but oh well!!