Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where to Even Begin?

It's definitely been a while, but I'm finding my time to get on the computer limited nowadays and when I am home from work, I don't really feel like staring at my computer very much. As for updates, our family has really been enjoying the new life that my job has brought to us. I love going to work, Grayson loves going to school, and our time together is much more valuable. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it has been even better.

Easter was great for us. Grayson enjoyed his non-traditional Easter basket filled with a Wall-E toy, Mickey Mouse, and coloring books. He also had a good time hunting eggs and eating the candy he got from school and church.
He's still full of activity and non-stop action. Just before Easter, I took him to my friend's restaurant, Volt, for a story-time treat and he had so much sugar I thought he was going to explode. I've never seen him so hyped-up. At one point, I actually saw a literal interpretation of bouncing off the walls as he and his friends were jumping all around the room. After we left there, we decided to go to dinner with our friends and the meltdowns began as the sugar started to wear off. Overall, though, we had a blast and Grayson really enjoyed himself.