Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Most Candy, Ever!

I think I posted last year that I had never been trick-or-treating. Every year, I would hear "maybe next year." I still got to dress up every Halloween and go to parties and have a great time, I had just never experienced trick-or-treating until last year with Grayson.

Well, this year Grayson went to his cousin's school for "Trunk-or-Treat." I'm sure those of you with kids in preschool or other types of schools have heard of this. The parents come to the school, decorate their trunks, and the kids come to each car to get candy - like going from house to house, only from car to car.

I couldn't go with him because I had a show, but I saw the results. It has to be one of the biggest bags of candy I've ever seen. Grayson barely even gets candy, so this is pretty much enough to last him an entire year. BUT, we still have trunk-or-treat at his school on Thursday and then regular trick-or-treating next Friday. I'm starting to understand why we never went.
Getting Candy from Aunt Linda

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Monday, October 13, 2008

How is it possible?

One would think that after Grayson started preschool, there would be TONS of time for me to regularly post on my blog. Alas, that has not been the case. The good news is that I've been working quite a bit as a consultant with Learning is an Art. Business is good and I'm still loving my job. I really can't ask for more. And really, that's what I do with my spare time. When I'm not a Mommy, I'm running my own business. I'm making phone calls, planning fundraisers, scheduling parties, going to events and expos, etc., etc. The bad news is that things like my blog, which was already receiving a minimal amount of my time, are getting even less of my time. I'm here posting today as I'm multi-tasking. Grayson is in the bathtub playing and I'm sitting next to him blogging. Normally I'm doing some kind of work during this time, but after receiving an email from a friend of mine in Tennessee today who said she tries to read my blog every now and then, I was reminded of how long it had been since I posted. So here I am.

As for Grayson updates, a lot has happened. He adores school. He would go every day if he were able. He's really growing leaps and bounds when it comes to what he can comprehend. He's even starting to recognize words, as in reading them. I'm sure this has some to do with school, but I also think it has to do with the games we play at home (yes, that's a major plug for my products, I'm amazed at how much they have helped Grayson these last few months).

He has become increasingly independent. I love it and hate it. Unfortunately, the independence has also caused an increase in arguing. He'll argue just for the sake of arguing. If you tell him there are clouds in the sky, he'll disagree and tell you otherwise as he's staring right at them. It's very frustrating, but I keep telling myself it will serve him well in adulthood.

He is showing an amazing desire to put things together. He's never been interested in trains, but we received a hand-me-down train set from my nephew and Grayson just likes to put the train tracks together to see how many different combinations he can come up with. He also loves to put puzzles together having graduated to the much more difficult ones and he does them with very little help from me.

We had another trip to the Urgent Care Center in September. When Grayson was fishing with his cousins, he got a fish hook in his finger. He handled the trip like a real trooper, but we were also prepared for him. As the PA removed the hook, there were four of us working together to keep him still. Overall, though, he really didn't fight it that much and he barely cried. He's a tough boy.

There are calm moments, like when we read on the front porch or when I'm pushing him on his swing, which is one of his favorite things to do. One day when we came home from school, I saw some mushrooms growing in the front yard. We went outside to look at them and Grayson was very accomodating as I took pictures of him (a rarity). This was also one of our peaceful moments and I'll leave you with that thought and a picture from the day. Until next time...