Saturday, February 17, 2007

Then and Now

My friend Erica's post about her two tots "then and now" has inspired me to do the same about Grayson (thanks, Erica, I hope you don't mind). I remember when we were waiting to adopt from Guatemala, I used to love to see the pictures of people's referrals and then pictures of their children at the current time. It really helped me to see a light at the end of the tunnel; however, I had never really thought about doing it for Grayson until seeing Erica's post.

Well, today Grayson is 15 months old and I remember at this time last year, he turned three months old. This is a big milestone during the first year and I had a blast taking pictures of him. I've posted a couple of my favorites.

Note how well-dressed he is in each photo. I remember I took pictures of him in three different outfits that day and he was pretty agreeable up until the last one (the Fubu outfit that's pictured on the right, it was a gift from our friend Flo) and even then I still got a few good shots.

And here's a picture from today:

The best way to describe this disaster is complete chaos. Let's see...mismatched clothes, one slipper off, toys everywhere. Yeah, chaos is about right. But I wouldn't change it for anything. As a toddler, he's learned to push my buttons, and he does it well, but when he runs to greet me to give me a hug, or simply stops playing, walks up to me and places his head on my lap just to remind me that he loves me, it's all worth it.

Happy 15 months, little man!! You mean everything to me.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yeah, I know it was yesterday and I tried all day to get on-line to post an update, but random things kept happening that stopped me from finishing it. I'll actually be lucky if I get it finished now. At any rate, we spent Valentine's Day snowed in our house. Dominic ended up staying home from work because the roads were so bad and Grayson and I had no plans anyway. Grayson enjoyed spending the day with his Daddy and I enjoyed a little bit of a break.

Grayson and I gave Dominic a picture of the two of us. This was a real treat to accomplish, but somehow I pulled it off. I actually took the picture myself, with a very grouchy toddler at the time, but I think it turned out okay. Here's the shot:I had originally planned on trying to go to a professional to have it taken, but we ran out of time. Oh, well. I think Dominic was pleased with it.

I do have a few other updates for you. Grayson finally got two more teeth this weekend. He now has four on the bottom and three on the top. I can't believe how long it's taking for this poor kid to get his teeth. He already loves to eat, I can only imagine how much he's going to love food when he has a mouth full of teeth!

He's also starting to say the names of people in his life (other than Mommy and Daddy). His favorite name seems to be Tevyn, his cousin, it comes out as "TEV." It's capitalized because he says it with such excitement every time. He's also starting to say Heidi, another cousin, although we call her Aunt Heidi because she's just a couple years younger than I am and she's more like an aunt than a cousin. And, he's starting to say names of his friends. He has a friend named Omar and it comes out "Mo-mar." It's quite cute! He can even pick him out in pictures. So, since he's started to pick up on names, I'm going to start working with him a little more.

And finally, he's gotten a lot of his animal sounds down. He knows a cow says moo, a sheep says baa, a cat says meow (he's been doing that one for a while), a tiger says grrrr, a duck says quack, etc., etc. He knows a ton of them, I won't bore you with the rest, but for some reason he still refuses to make a dog sound!! I think he does it just to frustrate me, like so many other things right now.

One last update...his fifteen month check up was last week. It was scheduled a little early so I could get him in with my favorite pediatrician in the group. The appointment went very well. I talked to the doctor about his eating, since he eats so much I was a little concerned, but she said not to worry. He's in the 75th percentile for both height and weight and that's where he has consistently been, so he just must need the food for energy. By the way, he weighs almost 26 pounds now. Unfortunately she didn't have any suggestions for me to get him to take a nice, long afternoon nap like most other toddlers. I'm trying to be consistent, but I think the problem now is a bit of separation anxiety. He screams when I leave the room. This has also made it tough to get him to bed at night, but we're working through it. He also had his twelve month bloodwork last week, which was a complete nightmare. It took four of us to basically keep him still and get the blood. Unfortunately the doctor's office called this week and said he needs to go back because his white bloodcell count was a little high and they want it redone. I am NOT looking forward to that!