Saturday, October 03, 2009

Soccer Mom, Season One - Almost Over

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Grayson started soccer after Labor Day and overall he's enjoyed it. As for me, it's been painful at times, starting with his first game when he had had no nap, insisted on only playing goalie (which he had never practiced), and the game lasted an hour and a half because of all the breaks we had to take for the children. The game is only supposed to be 32 minutes long, by the way. It was the longest 32 minutes of my life!!

At practices he usually does much better and he listens to his coach pretty well. He's doing a great job at dribbling the ball, but has problems staying inside the field lines. Of course it doesn't help that the field is only a fraction of the size of a regular soccer field.

Tomorrow is his last game. I'm hoping he'll enjoy it and so will we. I've survived my first season as a soccer mom and I'm guessing I'll have many, many more. This brief season was a good way to slowly ease myself into the world of children's sports. I'm definitely not ready for the all-day marathon of games, but they will most likely be in my future.

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